Lastly, let’s discuss the “Sweet Spot” indicator, and what the CHROMA KNOB does.


“Sweet Spot” indicates if your audio is too quiet (too close to the ambient sound of the room) or too loud (nearing distortion) when playing. The Green LED in the center should always be lit whenever sound is playing.

If you find your Sensory Bridge isn’t as sensitive to your music as you’d like (maybe you can’t turn the music up any farther?) then you can adjust the “SENSITIVITY” value on the configuration page.

The CHROMA KNOB lets you manually choose the base hue that all lightshows are derived from. Turning the CHROMA KNOB all the way up to the end (100%) tells Sensory Bridge to let its own color algorithm take over, cycling color on cue with the music.

NO CHROMA KNOB? You likely have an original Sensory Bridge unit with a BOOST KNOB instead. No worries! If you’re running the latest firmware, audio sensitivity is automatically managed and your BOOST KNOB now controls colors instead.